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Technology Transfer


Technology transfer is a powerful means through which LMS helps leading manufacturers achieve and deploy technical superiority. In the context of a technology transfer project LMS Engineering Services will train your engineers in the latest tools and techniques that are used in the most competitive real-world development programs. When the work is complete, your engineers will be able to apply the same state-of-the-art methodologies as part of your standard design process.

How Technology Transfer works:

LMS experts and your engineers form a closely-integrated project team. Your engineers are personally involved in every step of the process as the LMS engineers support training of the methodologies and critical application 'know-how' through hands-on collaboration.

While some programs are structured purely as a technology transfer endeavor, most technology transfer programs are included as part of an actual product development project. In this mode, the benefits (and corresponding profits) of advanced techniques are realized immediately.

Recognized as a technology leader worldwide, LMS Engineering Services has become an integral part of many engineering departments and development programs. Through on-site projects or customized multi-week "engineering boot camps" hosted at LMS facilities, LMS Engineering Services can accelerate your corporate knowledge acquisition. At the highest levels of cooperation LMS goes beyond mere technology "transfer" and becomes an advanced research partner.

Some recent LMS technology transfer programs include:

  • Technology transfer of road-induced noise path analysis techniques
  • Deployment of engine hybrid modeling techniques
  • Noise reduction program on a windmill
  • Dynamic optimization of washing machine
  • Development and deployment of a methodology for creating NVH tire simulation models from tests
  • Technology transfer of experimental techniques for diagnosing and eliminating transient ride phenomena for a heavy truck manufacturer
  • Optimisation of fuel economy and vehicle comfort
  • Improvement of process in view of truck cabin fatigue analysis
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