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Practical Information on the LMS Web Seminars

What is a web seminar?
A web seminar is a live, interactive presentation given over the web, commented over teleconferencing (via the phone) or your computer and including slides and software demos. Major advantages of such a medium compared to traditional seminars/presentation days are:
  • It takes maximum one hour of your time
  • You don’t need to travel
  • You only need an internet connection and a phone
What do you need to know before joining an LMS web seminar?
  • You need an Internet connection and separate phone line (only US) during the one-hour seminar.
  • Some web seminars are organized in Europe and others in the US. You can recognize the European sessions by “CET time” and the US ones by “EST Time” in the title of the Web Seminar.
  • For the European web seminars, the audio broadcasting technology is applied, allowing the audio to be streamed directly to your PC. No extra software is required. If you are experiencing difficulties in streaming the audio through your PC, click on ’Request’ button from the ’Participants’ window in the WebEx Event Manager Main Window. Upon approval by the WebHost, a window will pop-up on your screen, containing a list of phone numbers, the Event Number and the Attendee ID. Call the phone number corresponding to the closest location to you, enter the Event Number and the Attendee ID.
  • For the US Web Seminars, the audio part is accessible via teleconference. Please follow the instructions as noted in the confirmation e-mail you receive after registration.
  • Firewalls are no problem.
  • There are no specific requirements with regard to your PC, Operating System or browser.
  • Please check if the following is indicated in your browser: Tools - Internet Options - Advanced - Security - SSL 3.0
How does an LMS web seminar work?
  • When you have clicked on the seminar of your choice in the web seminar calendar, you are taken to the webex website where your selected seminar is listed.
  • Verify the hour of the web seminar in your time zone by clicking on the ’All meeting times in’ on top of the page. You can then choose your time zone and click on ’save’, which will display the web seminar hours in your time zone.
  • Click on the ’enroll’ button and fill out the enrolment form. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with similar information to this example:

    Your enrollment for the following event was approved.

    Topic: Intake and Exhaust Systems - Europe
    Host: LMS Webhost
    Date: Tuesday, February 04, 2005
    Time: 10:00 am, GMT +01:00, Europe Standard Time (Amsterdam)
    Enrollment ID: 591588

  • A few minutes before the seminar starts, go to the webex website and click on the ’join’ button next to the web seminar you have enrolled for. Do not click on the ’host login’!
  • On your screen, you will see what the presenter is showing, in some cases also a web cam picture of the presenter. Additionally there is a control panel where the customer can type questions. All necessary plug-ins will be downloaded automatically at login time.
  • To contact LMS Webhost, call or send an email message to the following people: 
        - European sessions: 
        - US sessions:

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