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LMS can play a wide range of roles in support of your product development program. From concept to production there are many ways you can leverage the broad portfolio of engineering services that LMS provides. LMS experts can assist with development of virtually all automotive systems, refine the critical performance attributes, and transfer cutting-edge technology to your team.

Various Sub-Systems                 
Performance Attributes                       
Product Development Stage
Body Noise Benchmarking
Chassis Vibration Target Setting
Engine and Accessories Crashworthiness Concept Assessment
Transmission Ride and Handling
Hardpoint Definition
Drivelines, Axles Dynamics
Platform Design
Mounting Systems Kinematics
Upperbody Development
Chassis and Suspension Durability
Brakes, Tires, and Wheels Fuel Economy & Energy Management
Tuning & Refinement

scalable partnering model enables LMS Engineering Services to support your product development from the smallest outsourcing tasks to full program management. At the highest levels of cooperation LMS works with companies worldwide to benchmark and refine their engineering processes by delivering turn-key systems, software, and services.

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