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Energy introduction

LMS Engineering solutions for power generation companies and their suppliers

With the global hunger for energy steadily increasing, both traditional and renewable energy sources must run at optimal levels. LMS has a long tradition of helping manufacturers optimize energy production facilities. LMS offers a variety of services and software and hardware solutions to support power generation companies to meet the most stringent engineering and business targets:
  • Create the highest efficiency rate and maximize produced power levels
  • Ensure system and components reliability
  • Comply with safety and noise regulations
  • Withstand the extreme time pressure without compromising on quality
LMS strives to provide support for power generation companies in engineering top class products and services. We provide a unique combination of testing systems and engineering services to support a large range of power generation applications.

Wind turbines

LMS provides a real added value for wind turbine and components manufacturers. Vibro-acoustic measurements & analysis for troubleshooting & design optimization | Radiated noise simulation and optimization | Fatigue life prediction | ....more

Gas & steam turbines

LMS provides engineering solutions both for the full turbine and for its components: shaft, housing, bearings, blades, injection system, etc. Vibration studies of the turbine during startup, operation or shutdown | Thermo-acoustic instability predictions to improve reliability | ...more

Nuclear power plant

LMS supports the nuclear industry to: Create the highest efficiency rate and maximize produced power levels | Complete uprate and lifetime extension programs | Ensure system and component integrity and minimize downtime | Comply with safety regulations and certification | more

Electricity transformation & distribution

ome examples of solutions we offer for electricity transformation and distribution:Electronic simulation of electrical, mechanical and thermal components | Fatigue prediction on isolators of high-voltage net | Switches design| ...more

Power generation accessories

Some solution examples: Noise, vibration and durability engineering for turbines | gearboxes | alternators | pumps | compressors | piping | valves | heat exchangers | ...more

Electricity generating set

The design of large combustion engines used for power generation, ship propulsion or rail traction is a challenge. That’s why we're here to help you reach your performance, efficiency and emissions targets. ...more

Oil & Gas

LMS provides engineering solutions that include simulation and testing services as well as products (software and hardware) at both the component and system levels. Our solutions cover many application areas ... more

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