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Other Industries introduction

LMS solutions cover a full range of multi-attribute engineering challenges: from noise & vibration to reliability and multi-physics system behavior. Our innovative vision and expertise help our customers to create unique brand value, develop energy efficient and reliable products, optimize mechanical systems & electronic controls and finally to reduce cost and time-to-market.

LMS provides engineers around the world with best-in-class products and right-on-target services for all phases of the product development process from frontloading controls and trial runs of system architecture in the concept phase to final certification and validation.

Industrial Machinery & Equipment

Successful manufacturers deliver continuous improvements in reliability, precision and operation costs. LMS enables them to develop innovative product designs and to deliver higher throughput, maximum efficiency and minimum idle-time.

Consumer Goods

Manufacturers of white goods, home and office appliances face extremely short development cycles, an increasing number of design variants and ever-higher customer expectations. Minimal noise levels are critical success factors for many commercial products like dishwashers, washing machines, PCs and even copiers.


LMS delivers a unique combination of simulation software, mobile and lab testing systems and engineering services to answer challenges of the shipbuilding industry and their suppliers.

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