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Today’s market expectations for increased safety and comfort, fuel economy, reduced emissions and lower operating costs challenge aviation engineering to adopt new design concepts and technologies. While individual technologies can handle a specific attribute of aircraft performance, the real challenge consists in finding an integrated solution that is able to address and evaluate all different aspects of an aircraft.

The growing complexity of aircraft design leads to interdependent systems that not only necessitate far-reaching integration and continuous follow-up but also create new and more complex testing challenges. To meet the stringent aviation compliances requirements, system integration checks need to happen at different development stages.

LMS supports the aviation industry to accelerate design to certification

LMS Test & Mechatronic Simulation solutions are used by aviation engineering teams to:

  • select enhanced aircraft system architectures and technologies
  • define better aircraft system requirements to the supply chain
  • obtain deeper physical insights in systems behavior
  • check integration of system controls with interfacing physical environment
  • de-risk validation tests and improve test efficiency

LMS solutions address:

  • noise & vibration
  • dynamic & acoustic testing
  • virtual testing
  • system design & optimization
  • kinematics, dynamics & loads
  • power management
  • virtual integrated aircraft




  • “Very early in the development cycle, simulation determines the test rig viability and eliminates the need to change mechanical parts in the fi nal stages The use of LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim enables to reduce development times by 25%, and the availability of the test benches increased by 60%.”  Achour Debiane, Head of the Automation department,CERTIA
  • “The fact that the LMS SCADAS equipment can record over 700 channels simultaneously is an extremely important time-saver. We realized a considerable productivity increase in the GVT campaign and cut the overall acquisition time in half.”   Mr. Posada, Head of Structural Test, EADS-CASA
  • “LMS engineering consultants’ modal testing expertise was most helpful in delivering better insight into landing gear performance. The campaign helped further enhance virtual models of the body landing gear, supporting stability studies and structural investigations.”  Alvin Fong, Manager Landing Gear Performance, Goodrich Landing Gear
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