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Automotive OEM


Automotive industries are facing big challenges to downsize engines and improve powertrain technology on the one hand, and offering hybrid and electrical solutions on the other hand - with keeping the emphasis on minimizing weight and achieving a higher level of overall performance and efficiency, while boosting brand value.

LMS greatly contributes to safeguard the balance between technological design options and vehicle functional performance. No domain stays untouched; interior, chassis, powertrain, body, electronics and vehicle integration. LMS empowers next generation development processes to anticipate to customer’s requirements of tomorrow.


  • “LMS system Simulation lets us reduce development time by almost 50% and create ATM designs that exactly meet target performance requirement.” Renault
  • “MMC chose LMS because of its proven vehicle development competence and its best-in-class test and CAE solutions for functional performance engineering for the new platform development project.” Mitsubishi Motors


LMS Solutions for Noise, Vibration and Harshness & Acoustics
LMS solutions for Model Based System Engineering
LMS TecWare
LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim Solutions
LMS Virtual.Lab Introduction
LMS Imagine.Lab - Real World Mechatronics: Mastering engineering complexity
LMS Solutions for Durability

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